Tips to Keep From Losing Your Keys


    We all know that losing our keys is such an inconvenience. It’s a pain in the rear end and always seems to turn a beautiful, nice day into a crappy one. Even though we are in the experts locksmith industry here at Denver Locksmith, we are human too and sometimes we, too, lose our locks and keys; we understand your pain!


    Whether your keys are lost and are nowhere in sight or whether you have locked them inside your vehicle, your house, or your business or place of work, there are strategies to help you from losing or forgetting your keys once again.


    Here in this article, we are going to guide you through a variety of tips and tricks to help you prevent from misplacing your keys once again.


    Use a Clip


    If you often carry a purse, a bag, or a backpack, look inside because there might be a spot for a clip. You can attach your keys to the clip to make sure that you won’t forget or lose them throughout the day. Business owners, this is for you too!


    Chances are that you always have your bag or purse with you. It’s less likely that you will forget such large size of an item as your bag or purse, but it is more likely that you would lose your keys, so by clipping your keys inside your bag, you might be able to lessen the frequency of losing your keys (and you just might never lose them again!).


    Even if you don’t have a clip, you can do the same thing with a lanyard! You can wear the lanyard around your neck too!


    If you happen to lose your keys, whether they are for your car, your home, or your place of work and if you are in the greater Denver CO area, then we here at Denver Locksmith are ready to help you. We are the best Thornton Westminster locksmith and we can help you if you have lost or misplaced your keys. We will be able to make you new keys to get you back and on your way. Simply call our experts locksmith, ace locksmith, and lock locksmith at 303-619-9136 to get started. We are the minutes on time locksmith serving Parker CO, Englewood CO, Thornton Colorado, Wheat Ridge, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, and more!


    Have a Backup Key


    For all of your major keys in Englewood CO, including your gun safe, security systems, lock and safe, security locks, and front range lock, it’s important to have at least one backup. Having multiple backups will be the best option, but at least one backup of each might just save you time and frustration during your time of need. Here at Denver Locksmith, we recommend having at least one backup key for your home, for each of your vehicles, for your garage doors and home security, for your safe, for your gun cabinet, and for work if you have permission from your place of employment to do so. If you need locks rekeyed, master keying, lock changes, emergency locksmith, commercial locksmith, auto locksmith, locksmith pros, local locksmiths, and more with fast response time to Washington Park, Commerce City, Denver metro, Federal Heights, and Lakewood CO, contact us now!


    At Denver Locksmith serving Thornton CO, we can help you get all the backup keys you need. We have the latest and greatest tools to create duplicate keys of any type or kind for you, getting you prepared for any potential emergency that might arise. All you need to do is call us today to get started and we will get you all ready to go in little to no time at all!


    It is also a good idea to place your backup car keys in safe places where no one would ever possibly think to find them, such as in your favorite spot in a local park, underneath your in a hidden spot, or buried somewhere in the yard where you can easily find and access in a hurry or during an emergency. It is very common for people to place backup keys under a floor mat at the base of a door, under a rock next to the door, or above the doorframe, so it would be a good idea to get creative and steer clear of these places as this will keep you more safe. If anyone was ever to try to break in to your home, they would generally look for a spare key in the common areas, so keeping your Colorado deadlock key in a different location will protect you and your family.


    Here at Denver Locksmith, we can guide you through this process by offering you more tips and tricks to get started. Our mobile locksmith, locksmith Denver, Denver metro team serving Parker CO, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Wheat Ridge, Thornton Colorado, and more can visit your home or your place of work to assist you with getting your spare keys created and to help you find the best spots to hide your backup keys.


    If you need a lock change or key replacement in Thornton CO, no matter the type of lock, we can help you with this too! We are the best locksmith Denver has!


    Have a Key Holder for Your Locks and Keys


    If you are still concerned about losing your keys or leaving them behind, then it would be a good idea to secure a key holder to the outside of your home and potentially the underneath of your car. This will help with home security too. In a secure key holder, you can keep an extra key inside should you misplace your keys and find yourself in the middle of an emergency. To open the key holder, all you need to do is enter a special code and then you will be able to access the keys. You can secure the code in your phone so that way you don’t have to remember what the code is as it is likely you will often have your phone on your person.


    We can assist you with this process as well! At Denver Locksmith, the best experienced locksmith in the Thornton area, we can guide you through any lock installations that you need. We are the most reliable and recommended locksmith in Northglenn CO.


    We Are Here For You


    No matter what you need help with, we are here for you. When it comes to emergency locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and commercial locksmith services, we are the most trusted source for you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with all that you need. If you have lost keys and are searching for the most affordable locksmith, then look no further because we have exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today at 303-619-9136 and we will get your locks and keys, residential locksmith, auto locksmith, auto repair, security systems, and security center needs in Denver CO resolved!


    We are your locksmith pros. No matter the type of lock, we can do master keying, lock key fixes, front range lock, key replacement, and can help with car keys, door lock, security locks, gun safe, garage doors, lock and safe, and more. The best local locksmiths in Federal Heights, we have you covered. If you need your locks rekeyed with a great response time to Commerce City, Washington Park, and Lakewood CO, we got you!

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