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There are a number of reasons to rekey your locks at home or at work. You can turn to us at Denver Locksmith for help, whether you’ve misplaced your keys or aren’t sure who else could have a duplicate. Rekeying a lock is more cost-effective than replacing the hardware. When you have a new house, one of the most critical times to rekey locks is when you move in. You will be given keys at closure, but you have no way of knowing how many people may have duplicate keys.

Why should you rekey locks in your home or business?

Most people consider rekeying their locks only after they move into a new home, have a break-in, or misplace their keys. And properly so, because rekeying should be considered in all of these scenarios. There are, however, a slew of other reasons to ensure that you are rekeying on a frequent basis. It’s critical to rekey whenever someone – such as a roommate – leaves or when you’re going through a divorce or separation. What about the others who have access to your residence? Can you guarantee that your housekeeper, dog walker, or cat feeder won’t have another key for your house, or that your original keys won’t be stolen by someone who knows you’re not at home?

What are the benefits of rekeying?

Rekeying your locks is a far better and easier process than replacing them entirely, as we previously stated. You’re essentially resetting the lock pins in your lock cylinder, which changes the tumbler combination and necessitates a new set of keys. Your old keys will not work when you rekey your locks—it’s that simple.

It’s also a less costly option than a complete replacement. You will save money by rekeying locks instead of purchasing new ones. Rekeying your locks can, in certain cases, be more secure than totally replacing them. Your rekey locksmith will provide you with all of the keys you require, allowing you to precisely control their distribution.

Your Denver, CO rekey locksmith

So, whether you live in Denver, CO or the surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact Denver Locksmith for all of your rekeying needs. We always advise employing a professional locksmith since it offers the greatest possible fit and security. Remember that certain door locks are extremely complicated, and therefore, hiring a professional is always preferable to risking a DIY effort.

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