Car Theft Stats Everyone Should Know

Motor vehicle theft is a serious crime everyone should take seriously. Car theft can dramatically hurt someone’s life. Losing a vehicle means you could possibly lose the only way you can transport to your profession and your children to school. This is why protecting your vehicle should be one of the highest priorities you have.

Returned Vehicles

          Only 46% of vehicles are returned to their owners once stolen. This means you have quite a small chance of your car being found, so it is important to protect it to prevent this. Cars are difficult to find the farther they go, which is one of the top priorities of thieves. Protect your vehicle any way you can, and make sure you know exactly where your car keys are at all times.

Stolen Vehicles

In 2017, 773,139 cars were stolen from their owners. This means about 354,263 vehicle owners did not find their stolen car. This means they not only lost their vehicle, but everything inside of it. There is quite a large chance you may be a victim of car theft, so be sure to protect all of your vehicles.

Reporting a Theft

Car thefts are reported every 40.9 seconds. Reporting a car theft is one of the first things you should do once you realize your car has been stolen. This ensures the authorities have as much time as possible to find your stolen vehicle and return it safely.

 Having car insurance is important when things like this occur. Insurance can help you get back on your feet. Insurance is about $1,500 a year depending on which plan you choose.

An Increasing Future

          Car thefts have increased as time goes on. Car thefts raised as much as 7.4% in 2016. Every year, more and more cars are on the road. This means there is more opportunity for car thieves to strike.

 How to Keep Yourself Safe

          In order to prevent being a victim of car theft, make sure to follow a few simple rules. Firstly, try to keep your car in a secure location like a garage or on your driveway. Install security cameras to add an extra layer of security for not only your car but your home. Make sure to keep your keys on you, in your desk, or in your home at every moment. This ensures your keys do not end up in hands other than your own.

Fun Facts

  • Alaska has the highest rate of car thefts.
  • The Honda Civic is the most stolen car, particularly the 1998 model.
  • About 200 car thefts happen daily due to keys being left in the car, with California having the highest rate.
  • Vermont has the lowest rate of car thefts.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico has the highest car theft rates out of every city, with about 1097 per 100,000 residents.
  • Popular holidays attract car thieves, with New Years Day attracting the most with about 2,500 car thefts.

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