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How Often Should You Change Locks in Your Home?

As homeowners, one of the things we take for granted most is our door locks. We interact with them several times every day, and we rely on them to keep our home safe and secure. But we don’t often think about how often we need to change locks to keep them in good shape.

Like anything else on a house, locks wear out with time and need replacing. And as we loan and give keys out, the number of people who may have access to our home increases. Below are some times when it may be a good idea to replace those door locks to keep your home secure.

When They Start to Show Signs of Wear

One sure way to know when it’s time to replace a lock is to look for signs of wear. Worn-out locks are easier to tamper with and get past; potential burglars may be able to jimmy them with less difficulty or just bust straight through them. They may even be able to use almost any key to open your door. 

Keep an eye on your door locks, and maintain them like you would anything else in the house. If you notice signs of tarnish or rust on the lock, it’s time to replace them. The same goes for wiggly handles, broken roses, or latches that stick.

After a Breakup

Breakups are difficult, especially if you’ve been married and/or living together. And even if your breakup is amicable, there are still going to be some complicated feelings on both sides there. This was a person you cared about deeply enough to allow them entry to your home, and now they aren’t a part of your life anymore.

You don’t want to have to worry about what an ex might do in a fit of emotion, so change your door locks after a breakup. This will give you a greater sense of security and prevent any rash actions on their part. It can also be an important part of the recovery process as you physically remove their access to your life.

When You Lose Your Keys 

Losing your keys may not seem like a big deal; after all, it happens all the time, right? Maybe you dropped them on the bus, or maybe they just fell down in the black hole that lives in your car, never to be seen again. You just get a new copy made, and it’s not a reason to lose your mind, right?

But lost keys may not actually be lost – they could have been stolen by a clever pickpocket. And if that person also got a look in your wallet, saw your name on your business cards, or heard you mention to your mom that you were getting off at Rosemond Street, they could now have access to your home. Give yourself peace of mind and replace the locks any time a key goes missing.

When There’s a Break-In

None of us like to think about the possibility of a break-in. Our home is supposed to be our sacred ground, the place where we feel safe, and burglaries shatter that illusion of shelter. Unfortunately, homes that have been broken into tend to be hit again within the next six weeks after a burglary.

If your home has been broken into recently, don’t give the burglars the same easy entrance. Replace the locks right away, and consider installing a security system. Burglars are actually quite easy to deter, so protect yourself and your family as soon as possible.

After You Lend Out Keys

If you work a full-time schedule, having work done on your house can be a challenge. The only hours when contract workers are available is during business hours, which is the only time you’re away. You may loan out keys to a trusted plumber or electrician so they can come in and do the work they need to while you’re away.

The trouble is businesses like this tend to have a relatively high rate of turnover. And you never know who your trusted plumber may have hired to help them out with a job. It’s a good idea to replace your locks regularly if you loan keys out to contract workers on a regular basis.

When a Roommate Moves Out

If you have roommates, one of them leaving can make a housing situation complicated. While this person was living in the house, they had every right to give keys to whomever they wanted. But now that you’re gone, you may not know who has keys to your house.

It’s a good idea to change the locks when old roommates move out. For one thing, if the roommate situation was bad, it will prevent any retaliation that may occur. But for another, it will keep that crazy person your roommate hooked up with for a few months who had a key to make everyone’s life more discreet from showing back up to rob you.

When You Move

Of course, the number-one time you need to change your locks is when you move into a house. As with the roommate situation, you don’t know who the previous tenant of your house gave keys to. And while they will have turned over their keys to you, that’s not saying anything of their repeat offender little brother who always had a couch to crash on there when he needed it.

Aside from security issues, putting new locks on a new place can be a nice way to mark it as yours. You can pick out a doorknob that you like, one that offers the sort of welcome you want for your guests. You could even get a smart door lock installed so you never have to leave bed to check if the door is locked again.

Learn When to Change Locks

Changing the locks periodically is a good way to make sure your home stays as secure as possible. You’ll be able to better control who has access to your home, and you’ll know your locks aren’t a weak point for potential burglars.

If you’d like to get a professional to change locks for you, reach out to us at Denver Locksmith. We are a 24-hour locksmith that can help you take care of lock issues quickly and get back to living your life. Check out our pricing and get your door locks swapped out hassle-free today.

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