Door Lock Maintenance Tips

Keeping your door lock properly maintained is very important to the safety of your home and belongings. This is why you should know how to keep your locks in its top condition at all times. Rather than replacing your locks continuously, maintaining them would save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Here are a few tips that will keep your lock working and your home safe.

Clean Locks

Keeping your locks clean will ensure they do not wear as fast over time. Make sure to not overdo its cleaning, because that will put you in the opposite direction. You could potentially damage your locks further if you scrub too hard, so a light wipe will do just fine. Make sure nothing is left inside the keyhole so your key will properly fit. If your key is unable to properly fit, you may damage it. This will then make you have to replace your key, which is easily preventable. The Denver area is snowy in the wintertime, so your locks may get filled with it.

Clean Keys

Keeping your key clean will make sure your locks do not get filled with dust, dirt, snow, etc. This easily connects with keeping your locks clean because they affect each other. These are the two most easily preventable things you can do to keep your Denver locks and keys in the best shape they can be in.

 Door Lock Lubrication

Lubricating your locks is a highly overlooked part of maintaining your household. Make sure to annually lubricate your locks with a dry lubricant. Dry lubricants are the best and easiest to apply, especially for newcomers. Here is a quick rundown on how to lubricate locks. Spray some lubricant into the lock, and then use your key to clean the lock. Keeping the key clean at all time is important, otherwise you will push the debris back into the lock. After each time inserting and removing the key, wipe the key with a paper towel or cloth. This will keep your lock cleaned for the year. Checking for debris on your key is easy to do every day, every time you use your key. After any sort of natural occurrence, like a snowstorm or rainstorm, check your outside locks for damage.

 Duplicate Keys

Always duplicate keys from its original. When a key is duplicated from a copy, it has plenty more chances for minor differences. Minor differences in keys may cause you to have to jiggle them in the lock or being unable to use it whatsoever. When you buy or rent a house, immediately duplicate keys from the original for the off-chance you may lose it. Maintaining the key itself will protect your locks from further ware, which means you will be able to keep them for longer.

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