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Never Lose Your Keys Again: 3 Tips for Distracted People

Can you spare a couple of billion dollars?

Every year, American homeowners are collectively spending $2.7 billion dollars replacing lost items. Lost items like cellphones, television remotes, glasses, shoes, wallets, and of course, keys.

Does this sound like you? Are you constantly misplacing things, and then having to scramble to find them?

You hope you’ll never lose your keys again, yet somehow you always seem to find yourself searching for them. Everyday moments, like leaving for work, suddenly become stressful searches. Dumping out draws, checking pants pockets, searching on the floor, it begins to feel like your keys somehow vanished.

Luckily, there is a way for you to break free from the endless cycle of losing your keys. You don’t have to waste time or money because of lost items. Read on to learn these 3 tips for always knowing exactly where your keys are.

Reasons to Never Lose Your Keys Again

Before you start looking into ways to keep track of your keys, you should first consider why it matters. Here are a few benefits of knowing exactly where your keys are:

  • Less stress before you go out the door
  • Eliminate fights about where the keys are
  • Avoid being late because of misplaced keys

Not having your keys is a stressful situation that can play a sour note throughout your entire day. Over time the stress can build up, or become chronic. Constant chronic stress can have a variety of negative medical side effects like headaches, sleeplessness, indigestion, and more!

You need to take the time to eliminate stress from your life wherever it’s possible. Not having to search for lost items is a great place to begin. Let’s start by looking at how Bluetooth technology can help give you the peace of mind you need.

1. Bluetooth Key Locator

A Bluetooth key locator is one of the most convenient solutions for keeping track of your keys. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You can also use your Bluetooth key locator to find other items, such as your cellphone.

So, how exactly does this high tech gadget get the job done?

How Bluetooth Trackers Work

The Bluetooth tracker will be a small gadget, that attaches to various items, like your keys. The attachment will have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to wirelessly connect to your cell phone. The Bluetooth gadget can then send transmit data directly to your phone, using the wireless connection.

Bluetooth Security Questions

Every Bluetooth tracker will have a special signature that is only known by the owner. The signature will only become available to you after you’ve successfully connected the Bluetooth gadget to your user account.

Of course, not every solution has to center around technology. Let’s move on by looking at how a consistent routine can help you.

2. Have a Consistent Routine

Having a routine in the morning can help train your brain to always know where your keys are. You could start by having a designated key holding place, like a hook, or draw.

Next, decide on a specific time for when you’ll retrieve your keys from their spot. Having a designated time you grab your keys, means you’ll no longer move them to absentmindedly.

Of course, having a routine for when you retrieve your keys is only a part of the solution. You’ll also want to plan out the other activities that will fit into your routine. Activities like eating breakfast, taking a shower, and more, can all become part of your routine.

Additional Routine Benefits

Having a routine means you’ll never lose your keys again, and you’ll have a healthier lifestyle. According to the Northwestern Medicine Group, having a routine promotes having a healthier lifestyle. Individuals with routines have lower stress levels, sleep better, and experience better health overall.

3. Scan the Room

So far we’ve been discussing ways to keep track of your keys in your house. Yet, what about all the times your keys end up misplaced, while you’re away from your home?

Losing your keys in public is a very frightening feeling. There’s nothing quite like reaching for your keys to unlock your car door, only to discover you don’t know where they are!

Pre-Exit Scan

To avoid losing your keys in new places, you’ll need to start scanning the area you’re in before you exit. This includes bathrooms, offices, and even your car. Whenever you’re in one location, and about to exit, do a quick scan. Look around, do you see anything you left behind? Ask yourself, “Do I have everything I came in here with?”.

Train Your Brain

Make it a practice to do a visual scan of your space every single time you’re moving to a new space. This may feel a bit silly or overkill at first. Yet, over time your brain will train itself to scan on autopilot.

Soon, you’ll start to realize just how many things you avoid leaving behind. Plus you’ll also save time because you no longer have to backtrack for forgotten items.

Have a Plan

In a perfect world, you’d never lose your keys again. Yet, the reality is, life’s not perfect. No matter how hard you try, chances are one day, your keys will probably go missing again. 

Here at The Denver Locksmith, we know how difficult it is dealing with a lockout. That’s why we’re passionate about providing professional and affordable services for all of our customers.

We also keep up to date with all of the latest technology and training to guarantee an incredible customer experience. Plus, we promise to never surprise you with hidden fees or overpriced services.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that you have a backup plan. Check out our amazing pricing options for residential, automotive and commercial locations today! 

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